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engineering Freelancer

Acerca de mí:

Proven development in leading companies by carrying out commercial and logistics activities. My achievements are generally due to interdisciplinary preparation, analytical skills, systemic and strategic approach, ability to create excellent interpersonal relationships. The foregoing is manifested in concrete examples such as an excellent collaborative relationship with Purchases and Restocking of Wal-Mart Autoservicios; pioneer in the development of CPFR at Pernod Ricard Mexico and development of tools for the analysis of commercial information, efficiently serving various needs of the main supermarkets.

Effective communication at all levels to standardise high quality services, "empowerment" training and coaching to Marketing, TradeMarketing and KAMs teams. Reengineering of processes and innovation, disruptive methodologies and performance indicators for their measurement. Project operation with best practices.



Main Objective: To ensure profitability by department as a core business. Bthe objectives in a timely manner, with results reflected in the internal rate of return (IRR).


Currently studying the Master of Business Management and Marketing at the Barcelona Business School– Universidad Isabel La Católica, España.


I have a strong experience in four areas:

Business Planning. Master on analysis and designing strategic plans based on forecasts, and providing improvement recommendations with the ]Commercial Team, Demand Planning, Marketing, Trade Marketing and Finance, with a consumer focus. Create an accurate forecast based on market information, supplier knowledge, category performance and consumer needs. 

Sales. Build strong and tight relationship with customers, increasing confidence and engagement. Execute JBP to overachieve sales and profit objectives. Deliver results through appropriate account management, strong understanding on business, customer and market. Capitalize opportunities and translate them into action plans to achieve sales targets. Possess the ability to identify new business opportunities and strategies to expand business considering market, political and economic environments.

Business intelligence. Leadership skills in projects for the development and administration of Information Systems, which have benefited several Business Units; achieving a more efficient analysis, recommendations, value proposals and action plans with multidisciplinary teams.

Costumer Facing. As a CPFR or Costumer Facing, I reinforced my skills not only in sales planning and forecasting, but also in customer service and above all, I broadened my vision of the entire process of S&OP of the regular items, In & Outs and launches.

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