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David Carlos Silva Perez

David Carlos Silva Perez

Experienced IT Head / IT Director / CIO
Toluca, Toluca de Lerdo


Sobre David Carlos Silva Perez:

Experienced IT Director - IT Head - CIO - CTO - Consultant, and Senior Advisor. 

Combining an extensive background in IT strategy with a demonstrated history of success in Projects, IT Management, and various IT functions, I am a driving force behind Digital Transformation technologies that powerfully align with the Business Strategy. My expertise lies in operational best practices, effectively reducing costs and driving revenue growth within the Healthcare / Pharmaceutical, Financial Services & Airline industries across Latin America. I passionately advocate for elevating IT into a value-adding unit, forging robust partnerships with the business. My focus on innovative services, strategic business partnering, team building, mentorship, and talent development further reinforces my commitment to achieving remarkable results.


E&S ITINET Consultancy Services (MEXICO) 

Senior Partner & Consultant, September 2019 – on

Provide high-level Consultancy Services on IT-related matters, expertly reviewing projects and administration. Additionally, delivered compelling lectures advocating Technology Trends to a diverse audience. 

Scanda Talks: As a key contributor to Scanda Talks, I provide content preparation and actively participated in technical discussions with Scanda partners & members of the CIO/CISO communities. We delved into the transformative evolution of SLAs into XLAs and emphasized the crucial role of Digital channels in delivering exceptional user/client services. For Q3 2023, two additional talks are lined up, focusing on BCP/DRP and IT Services Management, further showcasing our expertise and thought leadership. 

Partnerships: In addition to these achievements, I fostered valuable partnerships with numerous companies and service providers, strategically integrating solutions that amplify our capabilities and propel us to the forefront of innovation and value delivery   

Volaris Airlines (MEXICO) 

IT Director, April 2018 – September 2019

As the Head of IT Operations for Mexico and Central America, I successfully oversaw the delivery of exceptional service and support to approximately 4500 users. With a dedicated team of nearly 40 skilled resources and contractors, we have effectively managed critical IT functions. I am proud to report directly to the EVP/CFO, offering strategic direction and insights, and subsequently to the Managing Director, ensuring alignment with the organization's top-level objectives.

Driving Sales: As a driving force behind increasing sales at Volaris, I spearheaded the enhancement of website performance, elevating uptime from 94% to an impressive 99.9%. This remarkable achievement was the result of a collaborative strategy with AWS & Century Link, culminating in a record-breaking anniversary sale, and significantly boosting revenue and customer satisfaction.

Savings: As a leader at Volaris, I successfully achieved substantial savings of US$ 4M in IT Opex through a strategic Suppliers Optimization initiative. By conducting thorough contract analyses and strategically streamlining IT suppliers, we were able to reduce costs by an impressive 35%, showcasing effective cost management and driving financial efficiency within the organization. 

Cloud Adoption: Achieved the goal of enhancing the Business Strategy with Amazon Web Services to move hardware & on-premises services to full cloud environment, including an assessment to improve webpage & App security and performance. 

IT Project Portfolio: As the project chair, I successfully led an initiative to categorize and prioritize IT initiatives derived from the business, converting them into well-defined projects, applications, and enhancements. By securing the necessary visibility and approval from the Executive Committee, this endeavour significantly improved the budget allocation process, ensuring a clear demarcation between Capex and Opex expenditures. This achievement underscored our commitment to streamlined resource allocation and effective governance, resulting in enhanced project execution and overall operational efficiency. 

ERP Strategy Direction: Developed a roadmap to improve execution and deployment of fixes and new SAP solutions across the organization.

Business Continuity Planning / Disaster Recovery Planning:  As the driving force, I commanded the strategic plan to establish and activate the alternate site for the Operations Control Centre, a critical component of our comprehensive Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Planning. This achievement ensured seamless business resumption during potential disruptions, underscoring our commitment to continuity and resilience, and safeguarding our ability to maintain essential operations without compromising efficiency or productivity.

Roche Pharmaceuticals (MEXICO)

 IT Director, August 2011 – February 2018

Achieved accountability for overseeing IT Operations in Mexico and Central America, delivering top-notch service and support to approximately 2500 users. Led a dedicated local team of nearly 70 resources and contractors to ensure seamless IT services for the region. Directly reports to the local Managing Director and collaborates closely with the Regional CIO situated in Brazil. Holds integral roles within the Local Executive Committee and the esteemed Regional IT Leadership Team 

CRM / Sales Force:  As a pivotal player, represented IT at the regional harmonization, strategic planning, and successful deployment of the cutting-edge "Sales Force Dot Com" CRM solution for the Pharma Division Sales team. Orchestrated the seamless rollout of iPads to empower nearly 350 Sales representatives. This achievement earned Mexico the highest adoption rate within the entire region, cementing a remarkable success story for Roche and Apple collaboration.   

Savings / User Satisfaction: I achieved a remarkable CHF 500K in yearly savings by revamping the End User Support model. Collaborating with Kenos (Scanda Group), we formulated and executed innovative Service Desk and Deskside support projects, significantly elevating user productivity and satisfaction levels. Our efforts propelled Mexico to become the Regional Leader and rank among the Top 3 in Large Affiliates globally, solidifying our commitment to excellence and delivering exceptional results.                

Driving Strategy: As a key strategist at Roche, I spearheaded the development of a cohesive BI Data strategy, unifying multiple data sources into a common repository to deliver robust Business Intelligence for the organization. My local leadership in this initiative served as a model and guideline for other markets in the region, enabling them to replicate the success and unlock the true potential of their data-driven decision-making capabilities.

People Development: Through strategic collaboration with HR at Roche, fostered the development of an exceptional team, resulting in the placement of three members in the highly appreciated "High Potential" quadrant, a well-deserved prize to their outstanding commitment, capabilities, and promising future within the organization. 

Balanced Score Card: Instrumental as a Co-lead in the BSC project within the local affiliate, driving strategic success through data-driven decisions. Additionally, served on the prestigious IT Steering Committee overseeing region-wide KPIs, contributing to enhanced performance and impactful outcomes. 

Google Cloud:  As the dynamic local lead, orchestrated the seamless migration of Mail & Calendar services from MS Exchange to Google, empowering the organization with enhanced efficiency and collaboration. Subsequently, played a key role in deploying Google Cloud apps, bolstering productivity across the board. During the migration, hosted a highly successful regional support War-room, ensuring a smooth transition and a resounding achievement for the team.   

Financials: Achieved CHF 500K in savings by implementing a Mobile Services Policy and Cost Control strategy. Consistently delivered budget savings by optimizing Capex and streamlining Opex to drive efficient resource allocation. 

Ad-interim Assignment: During the period from October 2015 to September 2016, I successfully assumed the role of IT Head for the Central America and Caribbean cluster, in addition to my ongoing responsibilities in Mexico.

Merck Sharp & Dohme (CHILE)

Global Technology Services Manager South Cone Latam, May 2006 – July 2011

Accountable for ensuring impeccable uptime and smooth operation of IT infrastructure services while spearheading local support helpdesks in Argentina, Chile, and Peru. Leveraging frequent travel to these markets, I actively reviewed needs, supervised projects, and facilitated seamless deployments. Reporting directly to the Latin America GTS Director based in Brazil and the Head Office in the United States, I provided essential strategic insights and top-level alignment for regional IT operations.

MSD & SP Merger: Spearheaded the IT infrastructure and services integration as a key leader during the merger between Merck & Co Inc. and Schering-Plough at the sub-regional level.

Ensuring Operation: Business Resumption – DRP – real-life execution @Merck & Co. Demonstrated remarkable resilience and efficiency by restoring full business operations within an impressive 48 hours after the devastating 8.8-degree earthquake that struck Chile in February 2010. This exceptional achievement showcased our preparedness and ability to swiftly overcome adversity, ensuring continuity and stability for the organization.

Recognition: Received prestigious Merck recognition for an "Outstanding Contribution" as a key member of the IT Team during the integration process post-merger with Schering Plough, which led to the successful formation of One Merck at Merck & Co. This achievement highlights my dedication and significant impact in driving the seamless integration, resulting in a unified and cohesive organization.

Enhancing Capabilities: As a pivotal leader at Merck., I played a critical role in devising and executing an innovative plan for the design and construction of a cutting-edge Data Centre in Santiago, Chile. This strategic initiative was an integral part of establishing a new location for One Merck, demanding a state-of-the-art facility to meet the evolving needs of the organization. My expertise and leadership ensured the successful implementation of this ambitious project, enhancing the company's technological capabilities and solidifying our commitment to excellence.


PGP in Cloud Computing, University of Texas, Nov 2021 - July 2022

PMM Certificate, Roche, 2015, Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Leading Leaders at Roche, 2014, Panama City, Panama

Balanced ScoreCard Master Course, 2011, Mexico City, Mexico

Lean Six-Sigma Yellow Belt, Merck & Co. 2011, Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Business Intelligence Diploma, Percade, 2004, Santiago, Chile

Software Analysis & Software Engineering Diploma, CIISA, 1997-1998 Santiago, Chile.   

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