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Mariana Sánchez Reyes

Mariana Sánchez Reyes

Forensic and Clinical Psychology
Coyoacán, Delegación Coyoacán


Sobre Mariana Sánchez Reyes:

I consider myself passionate about the analysis of human behavior. I have developed my profession in the fields of forensic psychology and clinical psychology. With excellent results in the projects in which I have participated.


From 2008 to 2015 I have worked as a Forensic Psychologist conducting specialized interviews (polygraphics) by seven yars, to clarify high-impact cases. From 2015 to 2019 I held a management position in the Intelligence Agency of Mexico, also attending aspects of the work environment, exit interviews and giving workshops on human development and leadership to favor relations between the employees of the Agency. I have been a teacher at the Master's and Specialty level in matters of her domain and Instructor of various human development courses in both the public and private sectors. I am currently an Internal Affairs Specialist in the Vice Presidency of Integrity and Compliance at Tecnológico de Monterrey.


Psychologist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Master in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Specialist in Polygraphy from CISEN (currently: National Intelligence Center). Doctoral student in Mental Health from the ISEO.

In the Forensic field I have: Basic and advanced level certification in the Wicklander-Zulawski Interview Technique. Basic and advanced level certification of Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN-LSI). Basic and advanced level course of the Reid interview and interrogation technique.

In the clinical field I have: Diploma in Thanatology and palliative care from AMTAC. Behavior Analysis Course by ITECOC, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy by DBT Mexico. Certification in Rational Emotive Therapy from the Ellis Institute in New York. He is a member of the Latin American Association for Behavior Modification (ALAMOC).

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