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Oscar Espinosa

Oscar Espinosa

Sr HR generalist exec , 28 years global companiers
Puebla, Puebla de Zaragoza


Sobre Oscar Espinosa:

I seek a strategic and tactical, HR Leadership role.  HR Manager (HRBP) for the Lac and NA regions within global companies. As Director led regional and local HR projects and initiatives, building consolidating, and managing organizations. Worked in multicultural environments and participated in administrative and financial processes such as strategic plans, divestiture, and acquisitions. 


Because of my experience, I have more than 29 years as an HR executive generalist, with excellent command in all HR aspects, I can apply my experience according to your requirements and together can make HR a very strategic and profitable area, helping the company to reach out their goals.

I have created and adapted policies of equity, diversity, etc. from the beginning in the creation of the business, as well as meeting the requirements of the corporate offices with specifications in this regard. I have resolved specific guidelines in the USA, LATAM.


Extensive experience in international companies, with a headcount beyond 1000 employees. Culturally diverse and proficient in English, French, and Spanish.


Conducting and leading the business and teamwork, to encourage and achieve their KPIs and goals, in accord with the business scorecard.

  • Lead employee performance by increasing the company’s results by 25%.
  • Experience in Pharma, Oil, and Gas, It and software, Airline, etc. industries.
  • Optimize HR budget by more than 20%
  • Develop an expatriate program achieving 35% compensation and payroll management savings.                                                                   
  • Open-minded, capable of creating, establishing, and conducting critical partnerships of value to the organization. Design, review, and implement strategic and tactical functions, with the collaboration of CEOs, Directors, and Managers. 
  • Supervise and develop operating spending by more than 25% and improvement in employee service by 90%
  •  Extensive experience in business management and understanding as well as the random distribution of labor situations in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Peru; USA, EMEA, PAC.
  • HR strategies with the support of corporate offices (Europe and USA).
  • Manage retention programs and reduced staff turnover by more than 8% through leadership development and effective training programs.
  • Implement Collective labor agreement successfully.
  • Assisted with change management efforts as a result of process change, including the creation of process documentation.





External consultant. The project to improve the institute's performance, structure, and organizational climate focused on tangible results for migrant care services. 

  • Organizational structure analysis. 
  • Compensation and salary analysis. 
  • Improve people engagement. 
  • Change management analysis. (Design a new labor structure oriented to the institute's main objective, with job analysis, competency profile, salary structure, and 2-year strategic plan with goals, measurements, and incentives). 

Personnel management (employee relations, negotiations, 

Define, develop, review, and implement new HR policy/requirements in personnel management and business plans 



Responsible for leading the cultural and structural transformation of the organization; unifying policies, procedures and benefits across the region. 2 subordinates. Direct report to the HRBP International Director in London, England. 

  • Oversaw in the Business Units (more than 350 employees and Managers) of procedures, policies, benefits, etc. in the Latin American region (Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and Chile) achieving uniform benefits, with a result in regional/global costs of 15% savings. 
  • Encouraged/committed to applying salary and compensation policies, and performance bonuses in the region. 
  • Equipped the organization with agile methodologies focused on customer service, to change organizational cultures and new ways of developing activities (new model for the region). 
  • Contributed to the definition of regional strategies focused on salary efficiency and compensation, training and development, and organizational culture of the region.  Personnel management and employee relations (resolutions, terminations) 
  • Partnered and maintained levels stipulated in KPIs by country in the region. 
  • Participated in directing manager/worker observation assessments, to gather information for the management team, and provide information to optimize results and increase individual and group productivity. 


  • Expand Mexico’s benefits package with new dental and vision health insurance. 
  • Application of salary policies by 95% and budget optimization by more than 33%. 
  • Oversaw the launch of new administrative tools to streamline travel and administrative processes by expanding self-service at the employee and manager level (new corporate credit card and travel agency administration). 

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