Juan Salazar Potrero

Iztapalapa, Delegación Iztapalapa

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engineering Freelancer

Acerca de mí:

I consider myself a very passionate and self motivated person , i'm alwas eager to help , learn and develop people , i think it is important to give the best of you to the world and bet for the future,building the present while honoring the past


Bachelor degree on business management & Accountancy - In progress 40%


*, I started my role as a WFM coordinator at Teleperformance on May 2018, leading my team to achieve the highest productivity possible pushing them to achieve excellence and making sure they want to grow through development, creativity, and initiative. I am responsible for aligning planning teams in mid and long terms analyzing workloads, parameters and historical data properly in order to generate accurate forecasts always considering and mitigating possible negative effects on schedules satisfaction, keeping a strong and dynamic real time team that provide real value added , also I have strong communication with the business intelligence team in order to support the creation , adjustment or challenges that we might face in order to have consistent and solid information , with the assigned outbound operations i am responsible of the strategies based on LSS quantitative methods for outbound contact management focused on sales accounts , thanks to the wide range of services handled in my role, I had the opportunity to work with a team that provided service to a delivery company and a group of the travel industry, giving service to a total of +600 operative collaborators in 3 different countries while supporting with implementations or specific/critical requests to different regional teams.


*I became part of the business intelligence team for nearshore & domestic clients at Teleperformance on November 2017there I had the chance to see the big picture of the business by working with regional, CAC, and European teams managing varied CRMs & ACDs (such Salesforce, Amazon connect, Five 9, CMS, Zopim, Zendesk), standardizing, generating automatic information processes and training different departments in orders to enable them to use the tools we created in different formats. There I learnt about the needs of information of many different internal clients such Direction, HR, Recruitment and Security. I also had the chance to work with organizations from commercial, travel, financial and construction sectors with voice, chat and email channels.


*On January 2016, I took the opportunity to become real time analyst for the nearshore market at Teleperformance where we were responsible of providing real time monitoring and adjusting according to the current conditions, the variance from expected projections and communicating other major issues to the pertinent areas of the operation of an entertainment company group, working in coordination with regional and global teams located in Asia. Due to the challenges the team was facing with the adherence of schedules , I had the chance to use practices of my previous experience leading a strong and energic change on the management of the real time , stablishing and implementing best practices among local and regional teams increasing schedules satisfaction and operative performance , by that time our operation was around 300 collaborators but I took the chance to monitor one more operation from the tech sector with around 250 collaborators , I also developed tools of optimization in order to be able to manage both operations that were key in the future management for those operations.


*I moved to the Scheduling analyst position on September 2015 Nearshore market at Teleperformance, there I had the opportunity to work in coordination with a regional team with different locations around the country providing service to a large communications & entertainment company, where we faced big challenges regarding schedules adherence and schedules satisfaction, there I lead my team to transform processes in order to be more efficient , also we focused to break any communication issue between departments, providing a closer service to the operators , increasing satisfaction and retention rates that leaded to better schedules adherence , the efforts of the team were evident on the overall KPIs and the environment of the operation.

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